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Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda Jones

Charley is back again and, as usual, she has lots of problems to deal with. As if being pregnant itself wasn’t hard enough, Charley also now has to deal with the ghost of her ex-BFF, Jessica, her father is missing, there’s a demon possessing a house and writing her name on the walls, there’s a new ghost who has a missing body, a new case with Ubie, and the twelve hellhounds who have been released to kill her, of course. I would lie down and die, but Charley takes it all in stride and does what she does best; getting into trouble, pissing off Reyes, and making the reader laugh all the way through.

I loved Seventh Grave and No Body. I had high expectations for it and, I’m happy to say, it exceeded them. I love this series and it seems to only get better with each book. Charley’s wit was just as sharp and amusing as usual. You see a little more of a tender side of Reyes in Seventh Grave and I liked that. I almost cried at certain points when he talked about his feelings about Charley. I was a little worried about how Charley would be her usual self, now that she’s “knocked up”, as she put it, but to the utter frustration of Reyes, she’s exactly the same. She does have added protection this time in the form of “the dealer”, but she’s still a risk taker and just as headstrong as ever. The secondary characters continue to add their part to the story and are just as loveable as before. Cookie really helps out a lot in Seventh Grave, showing that she can be a pretty damn good investigator herself. As usual with this series, Seventh Grave is a wild ride with action around every corner and plenty of suspense that kept me turning the pages so quickly that I finished it in less than twenty-four hours. The only bad part now is having to wait for the next book, Eighth Grave After Dark, which is due to come out in May of 2015. I highly recommend Seventh Grave and No Body.

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