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Passion by Lauren Kate

Luce has gone through an announcer to go back in time, to visit other lifetimes she has had with Daniel in an attempt to find answers to the questions Daniel cannot answer. This has terrified Daniel, who is afraid that she may do something while she is traveling through the past that could destroy their future. He decides he has to find her somehow, so he steps through an announcer in order to try to follow her. The other angels and demons offer their help, but Daniel insists on finding her himself. Passion opens up on a scene with Miss Sophia and the other Guardians. This sets the stage to let the reader know that Luce is being hunted by something worse even than the Guardians and the Outcasts. In other words, Luce is in trouble. Passion follows Luce through many of her past lives and her past relationships with Daniel. It also follows Daniel’s travel through the past as he tries to find Luce. There are big consequences at stake if either of them make a mistake. Since they’re traveling in the past, anything they do could affect their future, positively or negatively.
I wasn’t as happy with Passion as I was with Fallen and Torment. That’s not to say it wasn’t a good book. It was. I just had trouble getting into this one and though some of my questions were answered, there are still some things that I don’t understand. I felt like Passion dragged in the beginning. It didn’t really snag my interest until about thirty percent in, or around Chapter 7. After that though, I was really into it. The further I got into the book, the more it became a page turner for me. The world building was excellent as Luce ends up in all kinds of times and places during her travels through the announcers. After reading Passion, I feel I understand more about the love Daniel and Luce feel for each other as well as the importance of it. I still would like to know why Daniel picked Luce though, what was it about her that caught his attention? There are still two more books to go, so hopefully an answer to that is coming. Overall, I liked Passion. I liked it least of the Fallen books I’ve read so far, but I would still recommend it.

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