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Review of Rapture by Lauren Kate

Rapture - Lauren Kate

Luce, Daniel, and the other angels and demons are in a race against time to prevent Lucifer from erasing all history since the Fall. First though, they have to find the site of the Fall, where all the fallen angels landed after nine days of falling from Heaven to Earth. Unfortunately, none of them remember where this is because, at the time, they didn’t even remember who they were, much less where they were. In his past research, Daniel found clues that might lead them to the location. So, using these clues, they go about trying to find the site of the fall. They only have nine days to find the location of the fall before Lucifer will erase everything. They have many obstacles to overcome, because not only do they have Lucifer to worry about, they also still have the outcasts hunting them because they think Luce is their ticket into Heaven. The Elders remain a threat, as well.

Meanwhile, Luce is remembering more about who she is, and who she has been, than she ever has before. Daniel encourages her to try her best to remember as far back as she can. Luce has to piece her past together if they ever hope to stop Lucifer from erasing history. As she recalls pieces of her past, she comes to see that she is not at all who she thought she was, that the curse is actually more about her than about Daniel, and that she was in love with someone else before Daniel. Who is she really meant to be with? You’ll have to read the book to find out! :-)

I loved, loved, LOVED this book! Finally, everything made sense. I was actually a little reluctant to read it at first because I was disappointed by Passion. This one made up for it. In fact, I understand much more now about why everything that happened in Passion was so important. The stakes are high in this book and there is so much that stands in their way. I was completely enthralled in the suspense. My heart raced each time something happened that slowed them down or put them in danger. I came to care about characters that I hadn’t given a second thought to in the other books. This one is a real page turner. I was grumpy every time I had to put it down, and when I could, I picked it back up again as soon as possible and fell right back into the story. I was impressed by the way Lauren Kate tied up all the loose ends and answered all the unknowns so easily. It all made perfect sense. Now I just feel a little depressed that it’s over. Fortunately, there is still another book in this series, Fallen in Love. From what I understand, it’s a collection of four stories about the characters in the Fallen books. You can bet that’s going to be my next read!

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